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Chocolate Advent Calendar Sale

Everyone loves Christmas and chocolate. What a great way to continue an old tradition. Teach your children or grandchildren about Advent and the 24 days leading up to Christmas with a different chocolate treat behind each window.

Advent calendars filled with milk chocolate will be available for purchase after all Masses the weekends of November 10/11 and 17/18; or you can pick one up at the Parish office.  Cost for the calendar is $5 and the proceeds will benefit the Knights Coats for Kids project. Coats are purchased by the Knights and given to Catholic Charities to distribute to kids in need.



Knight of the Month



Congratulations to Bryan Hall for being selected as Knight of the Month for August.


 Past Knights of the Month



May - Phil Roselli 

April - Tony Melina

March - Ralph Wing

February - Rich Henry

January - Jerry Wunderlich

December - Tom Loew

November - Brian Glens

October - Allen Morris

September - Curtis Yohon

August - Tim Kerrigan

July - Curtis Yohon

June - Mike Guillory

May - Phil Roselli

April - Maurice Sadowski

March - Glenn Wells

February - Joe Wurtz

December - Brian Hall

November - Andy Schieber

October - Michael Schandler

September - Steve Lawrence

August - Mark Nasch

July - Scott Ogilvie

May - Tom Bax

April -

March - Chris Pierce

February - Maurice Sadowski

January - Mike Costello


December - Paul Cacciatore

November - Rick Sisko

October - Frank Franco

September - Roger Metz

August - John Dodson

July - Nate Davis

May - Steve Barthol 

April - Ted Ehler

March - Michael Klappa

February - Andrew Selman

January - Don Puchalla


December - Maurice Sadowski for his efforts on the retention committee

November - Paul Cacciatore for coordinating Keep Christ in Christmas sale

October - Joe Wurtz for coordinating Tootsie Roll Sunday

September - Josh Tyson for his many hours at the Parish Picnic

August - Tom Bax for organizing the Priest and Seminarian dinner

May - Karl Calini for chairing the Mother's day roses

April -Nick Arthur for chairing our Fish Fry events the past couple years

March - Father Mariadas for his tireless work at all of our Fish Fry events

February - Maurice Sadowsky for his work at the Defender's ball and all the other support he provides for our Council.

January - Joe James for the countless contributions he's made to our Council


December - Steve Hopfinger for coordinating and running the Knights Free Throw Contest

November - John Nauman for his hard work with the Chocolate Advent Calendar sales

October - Michael Klappa for his hard work on Christmas in October and for managing the softball team

September - Jody Schraden for his work on the Council's website and other council and parish volunteer work

August -

July - Tom Bax

June - Jim Woehrle

May - Karl Calini

April - Alex Glenn

March - Stephen Euston

February - Gerry Euston

January - Steve Hopfinger Contest.


December - Paul Cacciatore

November - Jody Schraden

October - Joe Wurtz

September - Rob Hart

August - John Nauman

July - Mike Costello

June - n/a

May - Rob Hart

April - Rob Ochs

March - Jim Piero

February - Scott Hooper

January - Chad Robacker


Knight of the Year

2017KnightOfYearCongratulations to Joe Wertz for being selected as Knight of the Year for 2016-2017! Joe was selected as St. Michael’s Knight of the Year for all of his many efforts to support the Knights and our Parish. Joe has been an active Knight and is involved in many Parish activities, including coordinating our Tootsie Roll Sunday, CHRP, and many other ministries.  Joe also won the District Knight of the Year award! We thank Joe for his many efforts to support our Council and our Parish.


Past Knights of the Year

2015-2016 Frank Franco

2014-2015 - Don Puchalla

2013 - 2014 - Jody Schraden

2012 - 2013 - Mike Costello



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Fishers of Men

The need for a strong organization of Catholic men in our nation has never been greater. We face threats from our culture that tear at our Catholic roots and challenge our beliefs. 

We need every man in the Parish to become a Knight and help us support this mission.

Please look for upcoming announcements of Admission Degrees. Contact Dan Krouse with any questions or to joinThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Knights of Columbus are There!

The following is reprinted from a January 24th blog posting on the blog of Timothy Cardinal Dolan, the Archbishop of New York:

Last Sunday I had the privilege of welcoming to my home, and then to Mass, the state leadership of one of the most celebrated Catholic organizations around, the Knights of Columbus.

You have certainly heard of them, and share in my high admiration for them.

Founded in 1881 by the Servant of God, Father Michael McGiveny – – one day, we hope, to be canonized – – the Knights began as a fraternal organization for Catholic men, mostly immigrants or their sons, who longed for the support of their faith, camaraderie with fellow Catholics, a chance to serve the Church, and financial security through insurance.

Those initial goals are still there, but the Knights are now the largest voluntary organization in the nation, renowned as well for their vast service to causes such as assistance to those mentally and physically challenged, promotion of Catholic schools, encouragement of vocations to the priesthood, advocacy for Christians persecuted throughout the world, pro-life efforts, and defense of the nature of marriage and family as revealed by God.

As I commented to the leadership of the Knights of Columbus on Sunday, “Most people visit me to ask me to do something for them; you always show-up asking me how you can help!  Most visit me to ask for money; you stop-by to give some!  Thanks!”

Bishops, priests, deacons, sisters, brothers, and lay pastoral leaders will tell you:  you need something done?  Go to the Knights of Columbus.

Jesus preached, “Not everyone who says ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter my kingdom, but only those who do the will of my Father.”   Actions speak louder than words!  That describes the Knights.

I go to parishes – – there they are;

I go to school fund-raisers – – the Knights of Columbus are there;

Soup kitchens for the poor?  There they are;

Abortion clinics?   The Knights are there in protest;

Before the Eucharist in adoration?  Again I see them;

The Special Olympics?  The Knights are in charge.

For years, human rights advocates have tried to convince the American government to declare the persecution of Christians occurring, in epidemic proportions today, as genocide.  No luck . . . until the Knights of Columbus took on the task.  Now it’s official.

My first pastor used to refer to a person who quietly, reliably, and effectively lived out his faith as “salt of the earth,” a term Jesus used.

That’s the Knights of Columbus!