Knight of the Month



Congratulations to Bryan Hall for being selected as Knight of the Month for August.


 Past Knights of the Month



May - Phil Roselli 

April - Tony Melina

March - Ralph Wing

February - Rich Henry

January - Jerry Wunderlich

December - Tom Loew

November - Brian Glens

October - Allen Morris

September - Curtis Yohon

August - Tim Kerrigan

July - Curtis Yohon

June - Mike Guillory

May - Phil Roselli

April - Maurice Sadowski

March - Glenn Wells

February - Joe Wurtz

December - Brian Hall

November - Andy Schieber

October - Michael Schandler

September - Steve Lawrence

August - Mark Nasch

July - Scott Ogilvie

May - Tom Bax

April -

March - Chris Pierce

February - Maurice Sadowski

January - Mike Costello


December - Paul Cacciatore

November - Rick Sisko

October - Frank Franco

September - Roger Metz

August - John Dodson

July - Nate Davis

May - Steve Barthol 

April - Ted Ehler

March - Michael Klappa

February - Andrew Selman

January - Don Puchalla


December - Maurice Sadowski for his efforts on the retention committee

November - Paul Cacciatore for coordinating Keep Christ in Christmas sale

October - Joe Wurtz for coordinating Tootsie Roll Sunday

September - Josh Tyson for his many hours at the Parish Picnic

August - Tom Bax for organizing the Priest and Seminarian dinner

May - Karl Calini for chairing the Mother's day roses

April -Nick Arthur for chairing our Fish Fry events the past couple years

March - Father Mariadas for his tireless work at all of our Fish Fry events

February - Maurice Sadowsky for his work at the Defender's ball and all the other support he provides for our Council.

January - Joe James for the countless contributions he's made to our Council


December - Steve Hopfinger for coordinating and running the Knights Free Throw Contest

November - John Nauman for his hard work with the Chocolate Advent Calendar sales

October - Michael Klappa for his hard work on Christmas in October and for managing the softball team

September - Jody Schraden for his work on the Council's website and other council and parish volunteer work

August -

July - Tom Bax

June - Jim Woehrle

May - Karl Calini

April - Alex Glenn

March - Stephen Euston

February - Gerry Euston

January - Steve Hopfinger Contest.


December - Paul Cacciatore

November - Jody Schraden

October - Joe Wurtz

September - Rob Hart

August - John Nauman

July - Mike Costello

June - n/a

May - Rob Hart

April - Rob Ochs

March - Jim Piero

February - Scott Hooper

January - Chad Robacker